Film Production | Virtual LED Sets

Film Studio Hire

Our in-house Luma studio film production facility incorporates state of the art virtual visual production technologies. With our cutting edge curved Luma SMD LED screen we are able to virtually re-create any environment in realtime. Chroma Key (Green Screen), Unreal Engine, Resolume Arena.

Film Studio

SMD LED Backdrops

We are experts in the field of SMD LED for film production. Whether your set is indoor or outdoor on location we have SMD LED screens to suite for film or broadcast applications. Our SMD can be straight, curves, flown or ground-stacked and can be setup quickly and easily to reduce down time and increase efficiency.

SMD LED Backdrop

Virtual Production

SMD LED technology leads the way in new virtual set production often used in conjunction with Unreal engine. Please contact us for a detailed conversation about your requirements. Our services include SMD LED for set, camera hire (inc 360 camera rigs) and Unreal engine systems.

Virtual Set

Chroma Key (Green Screen)

SMD LED has become the preferred standard for chroma key (Green Screen) backdrops reducing lighting issues and spill, reducing shoot times and increasing post production efficiency.

Green Screen


If you are looking for an extension to your broadcast facility, our Luma studios production facility can create any desired theme using our SMD LED virtual backdrop.