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In our initial consult we start by asking, "What is it you are trying to accomplish?" Utilising the years of experience within our team we can design a solution for your requirements without bias being product agnostic, we simply wish to provide the best technical solution for your requirements based on budget.

Technical Design

Luma AVC take great pride in designing robust yet easy to use audio visual experiences. To do this we have robust systems in place whilst designing the technical schematics and equipment list to fulfill the design brief, this allows us to be confident in delivering a technically proficient and professional solution for your audio visual requirements.

Control Systems and Programming

The secret to an easy to use audio visual solution is in the art of programming. We take great pride in making the user experience as easy and intuitive as possible, making the technical wizardry behind the scenes invisible.

Control systems integrate lighting, screens, audio systems and other building managed services into one control surface, whether that be a mobile phone, tablet or bespoke touch panel. Supported programming languages/systems include: AMX, Crestron, Extron, Kramer, BSS DSP, Nexia, C++ Backend Development for control projects, Python Scripting, AVR Microcontroller using AVR Studio (C++), PIC Micro Controller using MPLAB (C++) and JAVA backend development for control projects

Control Systems

Equipment Commission

Wherever possible the Luma AVC technical team test and pre configure equipment before it leaves our facility. From experience we have found this reduces time on site and the likely hood of unforeseen technical issues, this applies to digital signage, control systems and audio/video DSP programming.


We at Luma AVC have a dedicated professional and reliable installation team with technical centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch allowing us to provide national service to our clients. This is extremely valuable when rolling out multi site solutions such as digital signage and video conferencing.


Equipment handover and Training

With the completion of the installation phase we hand over to you. The solution is only as good as the user experience and we ensure that you understand the operational systems so that you have a good user experience. We provide a hand over document which includes technical drawings, manuals and user guides. For certain solutions such as digital signage we provide full user training for the software and systems installed.

Projection Mapping

The Luma AVC team are experts in projection mapping and image stitching. This is essential when installing multi projector experiences and control rooms.

Screens and Video Walls

We partner with leading manufacturers of screens/monitors to provide reliable and robust video wall solutions based on the environment in which they are to be installed, examples include: TV show sets, in store, kiosks, menu boards, outside advertising, in window advertising and digital billboards.

Our technical team work along side structural engineers to provide support frames/rigging suitable and safe for the application requirements.

Video walls require video distribution, media playback and scaling solutions which we design in house for each specific application.

Screens & Video Walls


Our sales team are here to assist you to choose the right product best suited for your requirements. Including but not limited to: microphones, cameras, monitors, SMD LED video walls, projectors, audio amplification, digital signal processing and video distribution equipment.